About the Author

IMG_6501-Edit-2.JPGElissa Daye was born May 6, 1977.  She studied to be a teacher at Illinois State University and graduated in 1999 with a B.S. in Education.  Elissa taught for 7 years in a range of ages from Kindergarten to Middle School, but found that her passion to write was calling to her.  If she ever goes back to teaching she will search for a position that allows her to teach writing, as that is the subject she loved teaching the best.

In 2011 she finished writing her first book, Terrahtu: The Black Dove which is still in the editing process.  She took part in National Novel Writing Month in November 2011 and completed her second book, The Shadows, which become part of  the Guardians of the Watch Tower Series.   In the middle of December 2011, Elissa started writing her third novel: In Flames (The Destined Series).  She finished it by mid January of 2012 and started the second book: In Rapture, which she completed in April 2012.   Elissa submitted to World Castle Publishing and was thrilled when both books were accepted for publication.

Elissa is happily married and a stay at home mom.  When she is not taking care of her daughters, she is spending time with her writing.   Although the road was long, and often winding, each path she traveled has brought her here.

Contact me at elissadaye@gmail.com.


4 responses to “About the Author

  1. Hi Elissa, thought I’d drop by for a visit over from FB Crazy Fan Page day! Lots of good interviews here. I wrote on my business blog about Amanda Hocking. Maybe wander over an take a look. All the best with your first book first release! I didn’t see any info on where to look it up…

  2. Happy Birthday girl! Hope it’s awesome! Thanks for the books! I love them!

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