Book Review for Burgundy and Lies by Carol A. Strickland





I finally found more time to relax and do some reading.  I recently was able to get Burgundy and Lies from  I have to admit I was so excited to get a chance to read Ms.  Strickland’s book.  I was waiting until I was able to purchase a kindle or nook since I have just my laptop to keep me company.  I am so glad that I did not wait!  I am so lucky to have found so many inspiring people in my life.  I thank the powers that be for talented writers like Ms. Strickland.
This romantic tale was spectacular. I enjoyed Abbie’s passion for her family’s business. I love when our female lead is head-strong and self-assured. It was written with a nice pace making it easy to sit back and simply enjoy. If you are looking for a romance novel that does so much more than give you steamy love scenes, this is definitely the book for you. Truly enjoyed this one and it was so addictive I could not put the laptop down!









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