Happy New Year- Magneira

I had so much fun interviewing Mag last week.  Here is my second posting for character New Year’s resolutions for another character from Terrahtu.

ME: Hi, Magneira.  How is your year so far?

MAGNEIRA: Well so far I can’t complain.

ME:  Would you ever?

MAGNEIRA: Well, that’s a good question.  What good does complaining do?  Sending out all that negativity to the Universe doesn’t really help anything.  The world doesn’t need any more darkness.

ME:  So what do you do with it then?

MAGNEIRA: I meditate, do a spiritual cleansing, whatever it takes to remain peaceful and calm.

ME:  What is your New Year’s resolution?

MAGNEIRA:  Well usually I would say finish my magickal studies with the Covenant, but this past year has actually pushed me in a different direction.     Before I just had to worry about being a good person.  Now I have to worry about my other half and what havoc she might be causing.

ME:  Who Mag?  But you’ve settled the big issue right?

MAGNEIRA: Well if you really want me to talk about it, I suppose I can.  Do you really want to give away your plot before people have finished reading the story?

ME: Probably not.  You’re so wise, Magneira.  What other concerns do you have?

MAGNEIRA:  Well, we have to find a way to defeat the Nemnoch’s Army of Darkness while keeping the Gods of Terrahtu safe from destruction.

ME:  It sounds like you have a lot on your plate.

MAGNEIRA:  This is true, but I’m in good company.  The Collective and the masters of the Covenant have banded together to create the Legion of Light.  We’re obliterating darkness from our world, one step at a time.

ME:  Wow.  Taking action for a change.  How does the Universe feel about this?

MAGNEIRA: We’re still here, aren’t we.  Look, I hate to cut this short.  I do appreciate the time you’re taking here, but we have a prison camp to free in the next day or so and I need to make sure we’re ready to move.

ME:  Best of luck to you, Magneira.

MAGNEIRA:  Many thanks.  Love and light.


Magneira, such a lovely person, filled with every inch of hope and peace.  She has been such a joy to watch grow over the years.


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4 responses to “Happy New Year- Magneira

  1. What a fun read! I enjoyed it very much.

  2. I think it’s cool that you chat with your characters while trying develop a personality for them. I know that most good writers really don’t have a plan on how the novel or story will turn out. Most prolific writers, such as Anne Rice, Stephen King, John Grisham, James Patterson, etc.; let their characters determine they actions of their story. The basics of a story is all the writers know: from plot point A to B to C. but how do the characters get there? I don’t know until I write the stories. Sometimes I don’t even know Plot points B and C until I am writing the story seeing where the ins and outs of the story come from.

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