Author Interview for Elizabeth Seckman

Past Due, by Elizabeth Seckman.

Interview Questions

I am a mom, a wife, and an incurable day dreamer. I have a degree in counseling from Marshall University and a license in social work. I have way too many pets because I repeatedly fall for the “we’ll take care of it” line from my kids.

Please tell us about you novel, PAST DUE.

Jenna Austin is a widowed, single mom living on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. She is barely keeping her nose above water as the costs of living in paradise and raising a teen-age boy outpace her artist’s wages. Traveling home from a shopping trip, her car breaks down. Jenna is frustrated and thinks life can’t get much worse, but then she comes “nose to chest” with the very handsome and oh, so wealthy, Tres Coulter. Most girls would swoon, but not Jenna. She has a history with Mr. Coulter and no amount of sweet words or empty promises will make Jenna trust him again.   

What inspired you to write it? My sister, Cathy. She requested I write a book for her twenty-fifth wedding anniversary. I said fine. She said she wanted it on the beach. I said fine. She said she wanted it to include the moving of the Cape Hatteras lighthouse. I said fine. To get even with her micro-management, I patterned Jenna after her. That’s why Jenna is a slightly anal retentive artist who can’t cook. Burning a box of Jello? My sister totally did that.

Who is your favorite character and why? In PAST DUE, my absolute favorite character is Maureen, Jenna’s mother-in-law. She’s dumpy and common; wise and giving. I’d love to have her on my buddy list. She’d keep me supplied in cookies and bring me chicken soup if I was sick.

What made you decide to write a book? I’ve always written…but it was something I did for pure enjoyment. I wrote three books before I considered querying. It was my husband who prodded me to take them public. He has faith in me. And he still thinks I’m as hot as when I was twenty. Blind, crazy man. I just adore him.

Who are the writers that inspire you the most? Dixie Browning. My sister (again Ms. Cathy) “found” her books first. She was so in love, I bought her one of Ms. Browning’s books for Christmas and requested an autograph for my sister. Ms. Browning sent the nicest dedication and when I thanked her, I mentioned I’d always dreamed of writing. She said go for it! I sent her a few pages to review and sent me a note back. It said, “You have talent, now learn the craft, and I have no doubt you will see your work in print”. I kept that card and every time I got a rejection, I said to myself, “Oh, well, Dixie says I will.”

Where do you get your inspiration? Mowing the lawn, driving, or waiting to go to sleep at night. When my real world is quiet, my imaginary world is running amuck with activity.

Time for some fun!

What’s your fave color? Pink. I’m a girly girl.

If you were an animal what would you be and why? A pampered house cat. Nobody bosses the queen.

What is your fave food? My pudginess is a testament to the fact that I love everything! Oh, and chocolate can’t be listed as a fave…it’s an essential nutrient. A dose of chocolate is like taking a vitamin.

What is the one writing tip you want to pass on to others? Read your final draft out loud. Wherever you get tripped up and tongue tied…you probably have some awkward sentences going on.

You have the floor, what is the one thing you want to pass on? Forget luck. Rely on hard work.

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