Excerpt from Immortal Embrace by Charlotte Blackwell


“So, Sophia, the winter formal is only a few weeks away, and I was hoping you would     allow me the privilege of escorting you,” Nathanial asks with complete confidence.

“I would be honored,” I agree.

“Perfect.” He smiles, and we both let out a little chuckle. He excitedly moves closer and hugs me.

At this moment, time seems to slow. We gaze into each other’s eyes. As we move slowly toward each other, I can feel his breath and hear his heart racing. I begin to feel weak. I have to be careful, and every instinct I have tells me to turn away, but whatever piece of a heart I have left wants to hold him and never let go. As we move closer, our lips touch ever so softly. Nathanial’s arm slowly tightens around my waist, pulling me even closer. This is the most amazing feeling, like millions of fireworks exploding inside my body. The kiss continues with his left hand cupping the back of my head, moving around to my cheek, and stroking along my cheekbone. His right hand is still wrapped around my waist. This kiss is so soft, gentle, but utterly passionate. A crowd starts to form, and everyone is in shock. Nathanial has never been interested in anyone, let alone kissed anyone before. At least that’s what I’ve been hearing from the gossip.

We don’t even notice until Alexander taps Nathanial’s shoulder. “Hey, get a room, bro, or else we should start charging admission for this,” he jokes.

We part and realize we are in the school courtyard with an audience. As is par for the course for his usual class clown antics, Nathanial turns to the crowd and shouts, “Thank you, thank you! Hope you all enjoyed Act 1. Please tune in next week.”

I bury my head in his chest and giggle a little.

Forbidden Embrace Synopsis from Chapter 11

“DANIKA! Where the hell are you?” I holler.

Alexander comes running out of his room, “Sophia, calm down. Killing her is not going to solve anything.”

“Alex for once mind your own business, this is between me and that little bitch. I knew she was trouble from day one” I yell with such anger and passion.

Nathanial is hot on my heels trying to calm, however unsuccessful he may be. The rest of the family comes to see what the racket is all about.

“What on earth is going on here?” Isaac asks rhetorically. Finally I see Danika laying on the sofa in the family room, watching TV and obviously pretending not to hear me. She does a little stretch and glances over her shoulder at me only to turn back to her program. With one swift motion, I grab her by her neck yanking her to her feet.

With attitude she yells, “What the heck is up your butt Sophia?”  Breaking free from my grasp she steady’s herself.

“Like you don’t know; would you care to explain why you seem to feel entitled to kiss my boyfriend?”

“I…I…I’m sorry,” she stutters, slowly inching further away from me.

“Sorry? It never should have happened. Do you see why I can’t trust you? You have zero respect for anyone, not me, not Nate, not even this family.”

“Oh Sophia get over it, it was no big deal. Honestly just let me explain.”

“There is nothing to explain, you crossed a line here and I’m so done with you.” I feel my features begin to change as rage takes over, first the burning in my eyes and the ache in my jaw. I can’t restrain myself any longer. I’m going to kill this girl. At the same moment Alexander reaches for me, I lunge at Danika tossing her to the ground. One fist after another I punch her square in the face, each hit bringing satisfaction. Blood spatters from one side of the room to the next. With one fist tangled in her short mess of fire red hair, I slam her head to the ground. Lifting my arm and tightening my fist I prepare to strike her again.  Elijah, Alexander and Isaac pull me from the beaten young vampire, and restrain me. Florence and Constance move in to help Danika.

“Will you let me go? I want to deal with this once and for all.” I pull and push, but even my strength is no match for the two older male vampires. Through my peripheral vision I notice Nathanial and I can see the terror and what I perceive as disgust on his face. Immediately I begin to calm down, feeling the features of my face retracting, embarrassed and ashamed that he saw me in all my primal rage. “I’m fine, just keep her away from me for tonight; we can deal with this in the morning. I do hope that someone will discuss the issue of her behavior with her, I can’t promise I’ll stop next time.” I push the boys off of me and race back to my room.

Excerpt Mystic Embrace – Chapter 4

Crawling into bed next to me, Matt pulls up the blankets and wraps his arms around me in a loving embrace. I’ve been so lucky to have him in my life. He’s supported me since day one even when I tried to push him away after finding out I was witch. He’s always been so understanding and supportive of my friendship with vampires and was even open and honest enough with me about his guardian training. I bury my head deeper into his chest, realizing how lucky I truly am to have him in my life. Matt leans down and kisses my forehead. With a slight smile, I look up at him slowly moving towards him for a soft gentle kiss.

“I love you Matt. Thank you for being here for me,” I whisper with a soft sincere tone.

“Ebony, I couldn’t love anyone more than you.”

He lightly runs his hands through my hair and places them on either side of my face with a passionate look, he kisses me again. Pulling myself closer to him and moving up slightly, leaning on one elbow, I place one hand on his cheek, rubbing his ear lobe between my thumb and index finger. We begin kissing each other, more passionately than ever. He slowly runs his hands down my back. I get up onto my knees in front of him. He pulls himself up to the sitting position, and I climb on his lap. He begins to kiss my neck and moves his hands up the back of my shirt on my bare skin. I reach down, grabbing his shirt and pull it up over his head. With a slight push back, I kiss his lips then taking my time and move with gentle passion to his neck. Running my hands over his bare chest I kiss my way down to his navel.

“Ebony, I want this more than anything, but are you sure this is the right time?” He says as he pulls me up towards him.

Excerpt from Everlasting Embrace chapter 5

Walking into the learning annex with Nathanial and my family at my side, I feel a sense of pride at what we’ve accomplished. We walk down the stairs to the front of the class. Looking up, I see the many rows of chairs all equipped with fold down tables. The students begin to get settled in their seats and pull of various types of note books.

Isaac steps forward. “Thank you everyone. Please settle down. I would like to explain how things are going to work here. We’ve ordered homeschooling assignments, tailored to each of

your educational backgrounds. We’ll be set up in the main corridor, and first each of you will see someone at table one and will be issued a school ID. Then you will proceed to the next table and get your books and assignments. The following table will issue you a locker and combination; then you may go and put your books in your locker. If you didn’t notice, the lockers are located just down the hall from here, in between the classrooms. When you return, go to table four, where you will receive a Mac-book and your Internet pass code. This will be very important, as most of your assignments are online through a site called Moodle. We also use Rosetta Stone for languages; you will be required to learn at least French, Spanish and Latin. If you wish, you may take on extra language courses as well. The mornings will be allotted for educational training, and there will be instructors at your disposal for any help needed. We’ll be able to contact a certified teacher through the homeschooling department if the help we have to offer does not suffice. Your physical and power training will be in the afternoons. All your fight training equipment is already located in your rooms. If you have not found it yet, I suggest you look in the drawer under your bed. Fight training will consist of learning of other supernatural entities, magickal powers and other training tailored to your unique needs and abilities. We will be taking you in smaller groups after lunch, and you will each receive a proper tour. Anything that you need is located here, and if it isn’t, we can get it for you. You are not prisoners here and will have outdoor time, as well as free time. Does anyone have any questions?”

We search the wide-eyed students, but everyone is quiet. “Alright then, we will meet you in the front in ten minutes. Thank you for your attention,” Constance adds. Then we proceed back up the stairs and out to the main entrance, where Alexander, Nathanial and Dakota set everything up this morning. Skah and his wife will be here later as they will be helping to run the school. His new wife, Waniyya, majored in mythology in college. Although she is mortal, her knowledge and understanding will be much needed. I think they will both be great assets to the school.

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