Author Interview Sallie Lundy-Frommer and Excerpt!

Tell us about your life, where you live, why you write?

Let’s see my life, where do I start?  I  went to elementary school in, oh you didn’t want that much information.  (*Smile*)  Okay, I’ll get serious now.  I grew up in a huge family.  Nowadays, the average American family is 2.6.  And no, I don’t know what that .6 is.   But, I’m the youngest of ten children.  I have six brothers and three sisters.  In the rural south, large families used to be common because lots of children were needed to work the farm.  Anyway, when I was four years old, my family, to the urban northeast by one of my brothers.  We moved away from the cotton fields and brutal, labored existence.


If we hadn’t moved, I have no idea who I would have become.  Back then, especially among the poor, on farms working the crops was more important than education. Fast forward to today, a bunch of school, several jobs and a decade or two later and viola, here I am.  I’m an author.  And as for why I write, I don’t want to sound cliché.  But, I wrote “Yesterday’s Daughter” because the story  was in me, just hankering to get out.  Yes, you can ignore the push to write.  I did for years because I didn’t think of myself as a writer. 


Do you have a favorite author?

I have many favorite authors that I like equally but for different reasons.  So instead of naming one favorite author, I’m naming a few.  Some of my favorite authors are J. R. Ward, Jean Auel, Charlotte Bronte, Jane Austen, Christine Feehan, Sir. Arthur Conan Doyle, Jeaniene Frost, Dee Henderson, Stephen King, Larry McMurthry, Nalini Singh, George Shuman and Jhumpa Lahiri.


Does music inspire your creativity?

Big time yes, I listen to music, but no particular style.  My tastes are very eclectic.  Motown, country, opera, pop, funk, alterative, blues…love them and more.  Music inspires me in that it effects my mood which might overflow into the development of sentence or sense. I think sometimes it happens only on a subconscious level but other times I’m very aware of a song or melody influencing me.


What fuels your writing?

Coffee…(lol)  Fuel…I can only say the voices and dreams, does that mean I need a shrink? (*big grin*)  I see scenes in my dreams and hear conversations between characters and start writing following their lead.  There’s no conscious inspiration or source of fuel, just dreams and voices.


What has been your biggest challenge as a writer?

The traditional publishing machine makes it nearly impossible for new authors to get noticed, to get an agent or a publishing deal.  So, l learned about self-publishing.  It’s been quite the adventure and challenge since I knew “zero” about self-publishing prior to writing Yesterday’s Daughter.

What do you think of being an author?

Writing, for me, is an unexpected and adventurous experience.  But now it’s part of me.  The characters, the stories, they take me to places and times where I meet supernatural beings, help combat evil and make friends.  Being able to tell Malachi and Sapphira’s story has been a magical gift for me.  So for those with a hanker write, I say do it.  Write  your book, write your poems and novellas.  And I’d suggest getting to know other writers. Surround yourself with those who know the craft.  Join writers’ blogs and websites.  And of most importance, write anything and everything in your heart. 


How long does it take you to write a book?

It took just about a year to write the first draft of Yesterday’s Daughter.  Then it took about four or five months of re-writing and tweaking to finish up.  


Now a lot of people think that being a published author makes you “holier than thou”, for lack of a better term. How do you feel about being a “published” author?

Nothing holy here, I’m just surprised and proud of myself. 


What do you like to do when you are not writing?

I love traveling, although I have done much of it lately.  When I’m at home, I like to garden.  I have tons of plants and each one has a name.  And yes, I do talk to them. I enjoy going to bookstores even if I’m not planning on buying anything.  I enjoy being around tons of books.  Also, I love going to the movies and Broadway musicals.


What is your favorite comfort food?

Oh God, I love all things pasta!  If I had to pick only one pasta dish, it would have to be lasagna.  What’s not to love?


What do you think makes a good story?

Relatable characters are a must for a good story.  Good stories need characters with whom the reader can become emotionally invested.  If readers don’t care about the characters, they’re not going to finish the book.  This emotional attachment draws them in and then you sustain their interest with action and suspense.



Fun random questions:


  • Dogs or cats?

I like both…but, I’d really like a dog, first.


  • Coffee or tea?


I like both…I’m a coffee drinker in the morning and a tea drinker in the evening or if I’m not feeling well.


  • Dark or milk chocolate?


Milk Chocolate without a question!!!!


  • Rocks or flowers?


Flowers…but I like rocks too.   Sometimes I see a pretty stone while walking and bring it home to place in a pot with one of my plants.


  • Favorite color?



  • Crayons or markers?


Both….But sometimes you want the texture and feel that you only get with a crayon.


  • Pens or pencils?


Both….depends on what I’m writing.




“When he looked up, his violet eyes were glowing with emotion so
intense that Grace trembled. “Will you sit with me?” he asked.
But, she didn’t move; Grace wanted to hear what he had to say. No,
she needed to hear what he was about to say, but she wasn’t a complete
fool. She wasn’t getting any closer to the goliath of a man. She remained
standing in her corner. When she didn’t move, he began to reveal the
secrets that he’d waited decades to tell her.

“You will find it very difficult to believe and accept what I have to say.
I only ask that you listen to me and when I finish I will leave you, if that
is what you wish.”

He took another deep breath and jumped off the precipice. “I knew
your parents. I know your people. I am like you, different, a blood
drinker.” As he spoke of knowing her parents her face furrowed in
disbelief. She stared into his eyes as her heart accelerated, not because of
fear, but out of hope.

“I have been searching for you all my adult life and at many times
feared you had gone in the Void. But I did not give up;I could not stop
searching for you. In my soul, I knew you still lived.”

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