World Castle Authors Jeff Horton and Fran Orenstein

Press Release 1:

Captivating New Fantasy/Sci-Fi  Adventure for Juvenile/YA 

The Way of Nacor is an intense, captivating, non-stop thrill ride complete with mysterious portals, distant planets, and aliens.

High Point, North Carolina

The four Seekers children. Their father killed during a storm. Now, a mysterious portal has transported them across the galaxy to the alien world of Zantura. With the help of some new friends, they start out on a treacherous trek through the dangerous mountains of Zantura, following an ancient path known as the Way of Nacor. At the end of their journey they hope to find an ancient relic that can send them home. Before they can go home, however, they must defeat evil, and free the enslaved people of Zantura. The Way of Nacor, by Jeff W. Horton, takes place on the alien world of Zantura. The Way of Nacor is a Juvenile/Young Adult Fantasy/Sci-Fi novel

(ISBN-13: 978-1938961168)


The Way of Nacor: Tales of Eden Volume I, is a retelling of the age-old battle between good and evil. The children’s struggle is ours, as they grow up along the way, learning more than they every imagined about the world, and about themselves. The unique twist comes with the unfolding of events on the alien world of Zantura, where the siblings encounter many strange beings and extraordinary challenges they must overcome.

“I wanted readers to recognize the many different feelings and experiences the children encounter along the Way of Nacor as their own,” says Horton. “The obstacles they must overcome, the way they must conquer their own fears, and the eventual realization that some prizes can only be won by those with power much greater than our own.”


World Castle Publishing is based in Pensacola, FL.  The Way of Nacor was released August 27th and is now available worldwide in bookstores everywhere.


About the Author: Jeff Horton’s other novels includes: The Great Collapse, The Dark Age, The Last Prophet, and his soon to be released novel, Cybersp@ce. When he’s not penning his next novel, he enjoys reading, going to church, and spending time with his family. Jeff Horton is a member of the North Carolina Writers Network. or


Press Release 2:


Fran Orenstein, in her YA fantasy adventure trilogy, The Book of Mysteries, sends teens, Tyler Trent and Zack Vander on three quests that pit them against dangerous fantastical and mythical characters and creatures.

Enter The Book of Mysteries at your own risk with Tyler and his best friend, Zack who live in an apartment house in New York City. Tyler’s uncle, a scientist and explorer, sends Tyler to a find a disappearing bookstore, an ancient bookseller, and The Book of Mysteries, where exciting and danger-filled adventures await them. InThe Wizard’s Revenge, they enter the strange world of Balara. The boys, with the help of a Balaran girl and a dragon-slayer giant, must un-mask and force a wizard to release a fire-breathing dragon from a deadly spell. There is mutual attraction between Tyler and Esmara, a Balaran girl who helps them, and sometimes Tyler forgets that she is just a character in a story. In The Gargoyles of Gothica, Tyler and Zack face marauding gargoyles, when they must retrieve the king’s magic scepter stolen by his evil stepmother. Without the scepter, the countryside of Gothica will wither and die. Aided by identical twin Goth Princesses, Lily and Ivy, the boys cannot return until the quest is fulfilled. The third book, The Centaurs of Spyr, pits our heroes against armies of mythical beasts at war. They must save the colony of helpless humans and their guardians, the talking trees.  Zack finds first love and Tyler becomes a hero, but this could be their last adventure, for they may not be able to go home, unless the Centaurs agree to broker peace and the bookstore hasn’t disappeared.

Published by World Castle Publishing, this young adult fantasy adventure, ISBN # 9781938243585, is available in all ebook formats and in paper back at on-line bookstores, from World Castle Publishing, , or signed copies from the author, Fran Orenstein,


Fran Orenstein, Ed.D., award-winning author and poet, has been writing since age eight. Her published credits include, Gaia’s Gift, a contemporary woman’s novel (World Castle Publishing), three ‘tween novels, Fat Girls From Outer SpaceThe Mystery Under Third BaseThe Mystery of the Green Goblin (Sleepytown Press/SP), two young adult historical romance novels, The Calling of the Flute (SP) and The Spice Merchant’s Daughter (Whiskey Creek Press), and Reflections, a book of poetry for adults (SP).

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