Welcome Author Andrew Valentine

I am so pleased to welcome Author Andrew Valentine! Andrew is well-known for his hot paranormal novels. If you like the kind of books that make your toes curl and your blood boil, then you really should give his novels a try! The next two days I have set aside for Mr. Valentine to tell you more about his books, his writing process, and any piece of himself that he’d like to share with you all.  Enjoy!

Andrew Valentine’s Bitter Consequence

  1.  Andrew   what is Bitter Consequence about? 

I began with a “what if” question:  What if, in order to save herself, a woman destroys a vampire, unleashing an ancient evil that is far, far worse?

And in answering that question, I came up with the following story, the synopsis for which below:


In order to save her husband and herself, Michelle slays an ancient undead queen, inheriting her power, her people and her progeny.   What Michelle can’t know is that her triumph sends violent ripples through the supernatural world.

Across town, in a nightclub dedicated to dark desires and pulsing sexuality, the ancient blood-goddess Kali is struck down as a result of Michelle’s instinctual act of self-preservation.  Kali survives and awakens, with a physical need for revenge and an immortal thirst for power—the death of the ancient queen gives Kali’s own nefarious plans a chance for new life.

Michelle and this new, cunning immortal are thrust against each other, not in a battle for survival alone, but for the power to rule an unstoppable army of the dead.

Now she is entangled in a web of deceit where lives, loves and destinies are changed forever or lost completely—and all actions produce bitter consequences.

About the book:  Bitter Consequence is the second in the series after the National Writers Association’s award-winning novel, Bitter Things. It is intended for the same audience as Charlaine Harris, Laurell K. Hamilton and Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles.

Bitter Consequence is available Amazon: Paperbacks are $14.95; Kindles will be for $9.99.  Right now, Bitter Things is only $2.99 on Kindle as a special, to introduce you to the Bitter world.  Please feel free to click here to order your copy.

My publisher has an excellent distribution system, so you can order it from any of your physical local booksellers.

And you can join the fan club on Facebook:


I’m updating the trailer for Bitter Consequence, which isn’t quite ready yet.  But in the meantime, check out the trailer for the other book, on my website:


(I like to say it will give you 1000 Bitter Things thrills in less than a minute.

Andrew Valentine, author of the erotic vampire novel, Bitter Consequence(NWP, 2012), which is the sequel to the award-winning Bitter Things (NWP, 2009).

Bitter Things was supposed to be my first romance novel for an adult audience.  But when my wife read it, she was shocked.  Not by the subject matter—which was shocking in and of itself (it’s really dirty.  I sometimes refer to these books as “Filthy Shades of Grey).  But she was used to that, so the content wasn’t what shocked her.  What shocked her was that this was my idea of romance.  She explained that it was erotic horror.  Not romance.  The fact that I could get those two things confused probably says a lot about me.  And the fact that she’s stayed married to me despite my confusion over what is romantic says a lot about her!

I live and write in Westchester County, NY.  I incorporate many of the locations in and around where I grew up, which is Queens, Long Island and NYC.  In fact, we had a number of publicity photos in the Cloisters in NYC—which is an amalgam of 5 medieval monasteries, which had been deconstructed in France, brought overseas and reconstructed at the top of Manhattan, brick-by-brick. Bitter Consequence uses a silver sword as a major element, and we worked a sword into these photos.  We had a lot of fun fighting imaginary zombies and vampires in this castle-like place.

Here’s my “official” bio:

Andrew Valentine is an award winning novelist (National Writers Assn.) screenwriter and freelance journalist who lives and writes in New York.  He is a founding member of the Paranormal Romance Guild and is member of several professional organizations.  Andrew holds a masters degree in psychology from the New School for Social Research and is a marketing director at a direct marketing firm where his writing is more effective in generating revenue than pulse-pounding thrills.

Visit him online at any of these sites:

You can pick up your copy of Bitter Things here (unfortunately, at the moment it’s only available on Kindle [we’re sold out of hard copies, which is a good problem to have, I suppose!]):


You can order your copy of Bitter Consequence here:


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