Time. Everyone needs more of it. There are only 24 hours in the day on Earth, and while that used to be enough, it no longer seems to be the case. Right now my focus as an author is growing my brand. To do that means to put myself out there however possible and fortunately or even unfortunately there are so many different outlets available to authors.

I’ve set up a facebook page. That was pretty easy to do. Then I created a twitter account(@daenira), which was easy to set up, but my goodness is it hard to maintain. I’m sure there are auto-tweet apps or websites, but most of those require a surcharge of some kind, and let’s face it, new authors have smaller budgets to advertise. I’ve discovered there is quite a community on Goodreads, but honestly, I still haven’t figured out how to use that site to my advantage. Same goes for LinkedIn. It seems you need a manual to navigate all the tools that are available to you. So for right now I going to learn one program at a time.

The current program that I am experimenting with is Triberr.  With Triberr I can get more exposure to my blog by joining tribes with similar interests. Triberr has a feature that connects to your facebook, twitter, and linkedin. When a member posts something to their blog, it gets advertised in my tribal stream and I can choose to approve it for a tweet, facebook message, or Linkedin share. It’s actually pretty useful. Add my 300+ followers on twitter to all my tribemates and we can reach over 16K people for each post. The simple premise is to pay it forward and share.

I’m still playing around with this program, but so far I find it pretty easy to use and it gives me the opportunity to network with other bloggers that I might not have ever had the chance to meet before. I like the fact that I am also supporting fellow members of the Paranormal Romance Guild too. I’ve been a member on the facebook page for quite a while I have been quiet most of the time there, I am soaking in their knowledge and generosity to new authors. They are simply amazing!

Well thanks for reading as always and don’t forget that In Rapture is free for kindle on 2/14 & 2/15. I’m so excited that I’m doing my own little giveaway too. Just click on the rafflecopter link to get details for the giveaway —>>>a Rafflecopter giveaway!!  Prizes include: In Rapture bookmark, signed In Rapture poster, In Flames magnet, 2nd edition e-book copy of In Flames, and a Too HOT to handle mitt with pink pancake mix(because my books are almost too hot to handle of course!)



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4 responses to “Juggling

  1. terribetz

    Thanks for this giveaway! Enjoyed getting your newsletter!

  2. Fascinating blog, Elissa, It was entertaining to see the process you went through to get started as a Social Media author. I followed very similar routine. I’m very interested in your Triberr and eager to see how it works for you. I would like to give that a go, too. Great reading about you. Oh how I relate!!! Hugs and thanks – Betty Dravis ❤

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