April is Poetry Month

Hi everyone! I thought I would spend some time in between book reviews and interviews to share some of me with you. I am also considering this month as childhood memory month. So here we go.

When I was in second grade I remember having to write to 5,000 by hand. When we completed this task, we got to choose a prize from the treasure chest. I chose a miniature notebook which I filled up with my first poetry. I wish I could share all of those with you, but when I moved away I gifted it to a friend to remember me by. I do remember one refrain.

The little chick lay,

Fast asleep in the hay.

I know, real prolific right? If you like this one, you’re going to love the next one that I wrote when I was in the 6th grade. I memorized this one.

The Black Horse

The black horse galloped so gracefully,

Like a young foal.

He remembers back in olden days,

When he was a foal.

When cowboys try to capture him,

He runs full speed ahead,

Just like Satin his mother,

Who is claimed to be dead.

Knowing how his mother was,

Keeps him running wild.

He remembers back in olden days,

When he was a child.

His mother meant the world to him,

Especially when he was foal.

The emptiness within his heart,

Will forever be a big blank hole.

Outstanding right? A good chuckle at the very least. I did not figure out until High School that every line or every other line did NOT have to rhyme. Perhaps later I will dig around and find some of that writing. The last time I wrote a poem was college, so I am trying to show a progression of my writing for you.

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