January 2, 2014 Living Care Free

As I sat there watching my child dance to ending credits of the latest children’s movie, I felt tears well up in my eyes at the pure joy she broadcasted to the world. There she stood, in front of a crowded movie theatre whirling and twirling in oblivious bliss. She loves to dance, loves to perform, and knows nothing of the judgment of the world around her. I found myself a little envious of her lack of inhibitions, something you wouldn’t normally hear me say, but it’s true. I wish I could be as open, be as care free, but alas we do grow up and learn quickly that the world can be a harsh place to live and somewhere along the way we become adults trapped in the daily hustle of the world around us.

We start out with so many hopes and dreams without fear and trepidation, but somewhere along the way that bright light seems to fade, not completely, but it’s certainly not as blinding as my daughter’s aura. Many times, I am surprised by her power to charm the world around her. If I asked her what she wants to be when she grows up, she might say a princess, and she may very well end up being a princess in some theatrical way. I’m not quite sure she gets the question, but does it matter? From where I stand she’s got it right. She sings to her favorite songs even if she doesn’t know the words, dances to any music, and tells jokes to anyone who will listen even if they make no sense. She shares her light with anyone who will listen and it’s simply amazing.

So, today as I watched her dance and sing, my eyes welled up. I felt a switch click into place in my brain and decided that if I ever wanted inspiration to be better, it was dancing on tiptoes and rolling on the floor in front of me. I will always have menial tasks I have to do each day to provide a healthy and safe world for my children, but I can make time to be a little more giving to myself. I can turn on my music and sing at the top of my lungs, pitch a pretend tent and camp out with the girls. and I can make time to write the stories that are begging to come out, one happy step at a time. Will I truly be carefree? No. Probably not like her, because my experiences have tainted the innocence I started out with, but I will feel happier one step at a time. Here’s to a year filled with creativity, love, health, and happiness. What I wish for everyone is to have the time to play, laugh, and love. Happy New Year!

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