January 6, 2014 A Good ‘Fun’dation

Snow, lovely snow. It wouldn’t be so bad if it wasn’t below zero outside. The crisp, white snow is a blank canvas to the rest of the world, much like the white screen and blinking cursor that is staring at me. What world do I create today? Faeries, dragons, werewolves, vampires…There are literally thousands of choices if you connect characters to worlds and then throw in a multitude of plot ideas. Snow days are fun days for writers, as long as they can find a quiet place to reflect, which with two active children, well that is a challenge.

It’s too cold to play in the snow with my girls. Is it wrong that I am thankful for that? This author and the freezing temps, we aren’t good friends. When I was younger, the winter and I were besties. I would stay outside for hours, even if my toes were frozen. I remember sledding with my mom and brother when we lived in Missouri. With over 5 acres of land, it was easy to find something to do. Hide n seek in a deadly quiet private forest, sledding down the many slopes, pretend ice skating on the frozen creeks, or even snow ball fights which I always seemed to lose. One year we built a fort using cardboard boxes.

These memories, they fill me on days like this. It reminds me that building up a child’s imagination helps them maintain it for the rest of their lives. Perhaps this is why I find myself spending so much time playing with my children. One day they may need that creative outlet and having a good “fun”dation will only help them in the long run. It certainly has helped me.

Well there you have it. I have just literally talked myself into trekking out into the snow and freezing my appendages off. My girls need some fun.

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Jill Campbell


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