Calling All Bloggers!

BTSeMag Open Call for Bloggers

Hi Everyone! Do you know a blogger who loves to write about books? Are you that blogger? Do you share your love for books with social media? We’re looking for people just like you! BTSeMag is an online magazine that helps support authors by helping to get their work noticed in the world. We are looking to grow our reader base and are doing an open call for bloggers who can share our magazine filled with these amazing authors. If you have a passion for writers the way that we do, you’ll fit in just fine with our family of bloggers.

Here are some more details:

  • Blog Beat. Every blogger who places the emag on their blog site or website and posts the weekly highlight sent by Babs, will be included in the Blog Beat in each issue. This is a free promotion for the bloggers for their blog sites. Their banners are used, along with a direct link to their blogs.


  • Win a free half page ad. Each issue 2 bloggers from among the group who post the weekly emag highlights and place the emag on their site, will win a free half page ad. This can be an author blogger who showcases their book, or a blogger who advertises their blog or business.


  • Depending on how wide your following base is, you might even receive compensation for your time. This is still in the works.


If you are interested contact me at for more details. Also, visit our site at


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