Thrilling Announcement Thursday!!!

I am so happy to share with you that BTSeMag is now unveiling something amazing. The Red Carpet Review Awards!!! The BTS family has worked hard to come up with an award to recognize our authors who have submitted their wonderful works for review. I’ve included the specifics below, but I just had to tell you how super excited I was about our Red Carpet Review Awards.  Click the graphic below to find out more details about this wonderful award.

BTS Book Reviews eMag is proud to announce our first annual Red Carpet Review Awards for 2014.

The awards will honor the best in literary and genre fiction. The presentation of awards will be conducted at an upcoming convention in 2015. Convention details will be released soon.



Please submit your books for review consideration via our website. When your book is chosen for review, it will be published in the BTS Book Reviews eMagazine. Your book will automatically be nominated for a review if it receives a 4 or 5 star review.

Note: Please note that reviews and awards are open to all. BTS does ask our reviewers give first consideration to authors who have bought an ad or feature. This is a courtesy we offer authors who work with us. There is no purchase necessary to have your book reviewed or to be considered for the Red Carpet Review Awards.

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