Manic Mondays- A lot going on this week!

I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off this weekend, because next week is going to be so busy. First dental appointment for one kid, 18 month check up for the other, throw in summer camp, and swim lesson and you can see why one might fly over the cuckoo’s nest. But that’s not all! Friday I am doing a page takeover from 8-10pm CST at Magic Within the Pages.

Any day of the week you can go to this page and find fantastic authors and their wonderful street teams that are working tirelessly to get their names out there. I highly recommend you hit up this page at different times during the week to find what new authors might be waiting for you!

During this event I will be interacting with the general public and doing some flash giveaways for anyone who shows up ready to have some fun. Can’t wait to make some new friends and see what everyone is up to on their Friday Night! **I should not that this is not a Facebook sponsored event.



Timeline_Cover_doNotRename51And then all day Saturday I am hosting the Summer Lovin’ Romance Author Giveaway. About 25 romance authors have banded together to give away some of the newest works to avid readers of romance books. (This is not a Facebook sponsored event).

Come join us from 10am-4pm CST to win a chance at some free goodies just by interacting during the day. If we run out of prizes before the end of the event, we will stop early. I had so much fun with the event last month that I decided to do another, but this may actually be my last personally planned event for some time. You see, I just got my first round of edits for In Chains and I have to devote time to making it as polished as possible so that I can get it out there to you. Then I get into full gear planning for my first writing convention this September. I’m so excited to be attending Penned Con, I promise to write more about that as the day draws closer.


Well, that’s it. Everything that makes your head spin in one itty-bitty week. Make it a good one if you can! I know I will do my best to do so as well.

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