Manic Monday Catching My Breath

I was away for the weekend, something I haven’t done in some time. Now I’m regrouping for an exciting couple of weeks. You see, I was just informed that In Chains has a release date: August 1st. I’m very excited to see what my fans think of this book. It took me longer to create than I wanted but it was worth the wait. At least, that is what I hope my die hard fans will think.

So now what? I have to organize my blogs, finish up some interviews, and create new giveaways. I’m busy running my street team with my awesome Divas and helping out with the World Castle Street Team. Our authors are really trying to band together to collectively get our names out there. Well worth the time and effort we are putting into it!

And then? I’m working on planning a few Facebook events to celebrate the release of In Chains, as well as support some other new releases that are coming out here soon. I want to finish Crushed this month and then work on my Young Adult books for my Spirited Series. Lots to do and not as much time to do it.

What am I looking forward to? September I’m attending the Penned Con in St. Louis. It will be my very first author convention and I hope I don’t embarrass myself when I meet some of the authors that I’ve been connecting with on Facebook. I imagine I’ll fan girl some unsuspecting author, but who knows.

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