BTS Thursdays- Just have to say…

I love my ad in this past edition. It was put together so beautifully. Take a look!  In Rapture looks awesome! Seriously, so I did a happy dance when I saw the wolf background they put with it. To me it showed that the ad designer really took the time to make sure she understood what would fit best with my story.

BTS offers many services to authors and publishers.

  • 1/4, 1/2, full page ads.
  • Features in the magazine Full page sneak peek. Full Page Interview, and Two page Spreads
  • Website ads with top banner, side bar, and Rotating Ad options
  • Website Interviews
  • Website Features

All of these are reasonably affordable options to Indie Authors, Publishers, and any established author. The back issues remain up all the time, so you’re ads remain viewable long after the issue has come and gone. Totally worth the money, so take a look at BTSeMag.



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