Hi! Sorry I’ve been away. We went on a dream vacation and I’ve been winding down ever since. We took the girls to Disney World for two weeks. What an amazing time! And I even got to see my favorite character. Tell me you know who this is. This guy has been entertaining me for years and my girls are learning to love him too. Nothing wrong with a little fluffy alien to lift your spirits.

My favorite memories were watching the eyes of my children as they took in all the sights. They loved the meeting the princesses the most. I think my oldest about flipped when she met Rapunzel. And throw in the whole princess boutique experience and well, she was in heaven. Definitely worth every bit of money we paid for it.
When I got back from vacation I started editing my next release, which I am happy to announce will be out next Friday. You can find it on iTunes, Smashwords, Amazon, and Barnes& Noble. I’m excited to see what everyone thinks of Keira and Daniel. I fell in love with these characters almost right away.

crushed promo 2

As always, I love to hear from you. I hope your lives are healthy and whole.

Lots of love,


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