Let’s Talk with Bennet Pomerantz and Rachel Thompson

I had the greatest pleasure of being on the show tonight. I wanted to make sure you all had a chance to listen in. You can find tonight’s show here at

Let’s Talk

I loved chatting with Bennet again. We always have fun. And this time, I was able to meet Rachel Thompson, fellow published author. I can’t wait to check out her books. You can find her at amazon. Here is her author page there.

Some things to know about me, whenever I go on a show I’m always praying my lips don’t stick together like they do during interviews. Sometimes, I feel like I babble and mostly that’s nervous energy, but I love working with Bennet. I never feel too self-conscious. So thankful for that.

I hope you enjoy listening to the show! Until we meet again,

Elissa Daye

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