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Manic Mondays- One Full Weekend

Good Monday Morning, or at least I hope it is! It sure was a busy week last week leading up until this weekend. So many fun giveaways! Today I’m hoping to get it all mailed out. We’ll see if the weather cooperates. So my recap of last week:

A.K. Michaels, brilliant Paranormal Romance writer, made it to 2000 likes and I was able to take part in her celebration. She is an amazingly kind woman who some day I hope I get to visit in her bonnie home in Scotland.  Go give her some love here and help her get to 3000. Maybe we’ll have an even larger giveaway celebration.

I visited with some wonderful people Friday Night at Magic Within the Pages. There are always page takeovers here from authors you’ll want to read, so go like their page and maybe you’ll see me there again soon.

Timeline_Cover_doNotRename51Saturday was a LONG day, but so much fun. I hosted the Summer Lovin’ Romance Author Giveaway. At least 25 authors helped with their donations. Go check out the aftermath here and give some love to the authors who were gracious enough to donate.

I am so excited to say that my efforts brought close to 100 new likes to my Facebook Author Page and 8 new members to my street team, Elissa Daye’s Destiny Divas. If you feel like spreading some love my way, go check out those links.


So what are the plans this week? More promoting for BTSeMag, World Castle, my books, and other author books. It sure is a neverending cycle, but that’s ok. I’m having a lot of fun learning how to get my name out there and meeting so many wonderful people along the way!


I am looking forward to reading my author feature in CastleGate Magazine this month. I was so thrilled to be chosen. CastleGate is a magazine designed to feature the World Castle Publishing authors. My publisher has done an amazing job setting this up. I was so proud of the first issue last month. Go check it out. You won’t be disappointed. Also, we have started our very own World Castle Street Team for all our authors. In the past week we’ve added close to 30 fans to help get our name out there. Come along and check us out.





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Full Moon Release Auction/Fundraiser for The National Domestic Violence Hotline June 17

I am so proud to be a part of this release party with Jordan Deen all day on June 17th. I commend her for putting it together and giving a portion of her sales for Full Moon to the cause. Her goal is to raise $2500 for the domestic abuse hotline.

Why are we doing this benefit? The answer is easy. Facts don’t lie. If 1 in 4 women are victims of domestic abuse, chances are you know a handful already. My best friend was a victim of domestic abuse. She carries scars inside and out that will never fully heal. When it was happening she hid the signs well from the world around her. It’s what victims do. They carry shame, fear and self-loathing and paint a happy smile upon their faces for those around them, because to see the cracks in their shields makes them feel weak for falling for someone who could ever hurt them. She’s lucky to have survived it. Not everyone does. So when Jordan asked for my support, she had it right away.

Here is the swag that I am donating for the auction. I sure hope it raises a little for the cause. One large t-shirt, three signed books, a hypoallergenic cuff bracelet, some postcards, stickers, a magnet, and a beautifully handcrafted resin book charm necklace featuring The Land of the Shadows. IMG_0797 IMG_0798 IMG_0802 Jordan Deen shares the following information on her facebook event page: Come join me and my author, industry professionals and friends as we celebrate the release of ‘Full Moon’ and raise money and awareness for The National Domestic Violence Hotline. All proceeds from auctions and 10% of Jordan Deen’s book sales for the day will be donated directly to The National Domestic Violence Hotline. If you, or someone you know, is being abused- physically or emotionally- stand up and make the call <800-799-7233>. You may be saving your life or the life of someone you love. Love is not abuse.

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Beach-tastic Book Blast-athon

Beach-tastic Book Blast-athon.

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Time for a Party!

Hello everyone! Sorry I’ve been away for a little while. I’ve been so busy with edits for In Chains, the third book in my Destined Series that I had to put my blogging on hold. And then, something wonderful happened. My new adult urban fantasy was released on all platforms March 1, 2014. I am so thrilled to share this story with the world.

The Land of the Shadows is set on a college campus, much like any other.  My heroine, Lyssa, fights against the shadow people that have created havoc in her world. It’s an action packed story filled magic, mystery, and  a love story that will have you have you laughing and crying through the pages. Trust me on this, for writing some of these scenes broke my heart. My husband caught me crying one night after I had just finished an emotion laden scene. He had to give me a hug, I was so tore up about it.

Now that it is out, I am anxious to share it with everyone. I wrote this story as my first nano story. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the term Nano, there is a yearly challenge in November called the National Novel Writing Month with the goal of writing 50k words in 28 days. The Land of the Shadows was created in November 2010. I never knew that I could write a book in a month, and right after I wrote this book, In Flames flew quickly across the screen, soon followed by In Rapture. So it is fair to say that this book has already helped me change my life.

So, here is the fun part. I am doing two giveaways this month. The first one is March 22 at my Facebook party. For more details, go to my author fan page at: Author Elissa Daye.  After my party there, I am hosting another giveaway event at Goodreads. I will be doing a rafflecopter giveaway at the end of the week with this giveaway.


The Land of the Shadows:

When Lyssa was at her lowest, she found herself surrounded by dark entities formed entirely from shadows. Their darkness had eaten at her very core until she had almost nothing left to give. Tired of their corruption, the young witch decides to fight back by trying to locate their power source unaware that her attempts would lead her down a path that would change her life forever.


Twitter: @daenira




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I find myself reflecting on how blessed my life has been over the past few years. I have two amazing daughters, a loving husband, and a new house coming here soon. I’ve published two books with World Castle Publishing and am waiting for edits on another book The Land of the Shadows. I’ve nearly completed book 3 of my Destined Series, In Chains and am going to be working on Book 4 In Shadows  in the near future. I am also going to try to participate in NaNoWriMo this month and will be working on a book called The Night Order which will be an urban fantasy, with romance too, of course.

I’m so thankful for all the people who have shown support over the past few years. I’m also thankful to the fans who have come into my life unexpectedly. I love being able to share my worlds with you. As a measure of my gratitude I am donating to the BTS eMag Bloghop for November. They are giving away a grand prize of $200!!!

Come join in the fun! Lots of prizes to win from various authors who want to show their appreciation as well!

Rafflecopter: a Rafflecopter giveaway


I will also be doing a giveaway for this event. You can click on the link below to enter to win ebook copies of In Flames and In Rapture.
November Giveaway

Stay healthy and happy! We’re all blessed to have wonderful people in our lives!

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