Book Review: Natural Magick, by Kathi S. Barton


This weekend I was very fortunate to score a few books from Amazon for free and I finally got to read a book by Kathi S. Barton.  The full title of the book is Natural Magick, Aaron’s Kiss Series Book Three. I was immediately drawn into Ms. Barton’s world of vampires, werewolves, and magickal beings.  I will say that I feel like I really need to go back and read the first two books in this series, for some of the characters in this book have a back story and I am definitely curious about how they got to be where they are.  That is gift of a writer, to make the reader curious about the world they have written.

But alas, my review should be on what I took away from this book. Our main character, Pete, or Picadilly Fresno Bartholomew is a fresh, bold character right from the start.  She is the kind of character that grabs the world by the balls and takes off running.  You have to admire the gusto of this woman, who’s taken on a male name as if to say screw you stereotypical jerks, I’m doing me just fine.  She is an amazingly talented computer genius, who is doing many odds and ends jobs to help others who are less fortunate.  This is how she got involved with Aaron’s Kiss, a group of vampires run by the master vampire, Aaron.

When Pete arrives at the house she helps them get their hive in the 21st century introducing every aspect of technology imaginable, even teaching them how to make their fortress more secure.  While Pete is working at the house she is accosted by Dominick, the most persnickety male vampire you have ever met.  Well, he’s only a clueless jerk for so long, until he realizes that Pete is his one true mate.  From here, well Pete saves a few babies, making her a target for the family she has left behind: mass murderers delving in magick that is so dark not even black describes the color.

Throw in some of the hottest, and I mean scorching lava filled scenes and you definitely have an engaging story.  Vampires who take what they want and never once do they ask for permission.  Oh my, my, my!  I have another book from Ms. Barton to read as well and I’m thinking I need to get the fan started before I open it up.  It’s going to be a hot one!


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2 responses to “Book Review: Natural Magick, by Kathi S. Barton

  1. Thank you so very much for the review. I’m thrilled that you enjoyed it and yes the other stories are just as steamy and fun. I can’t wait for you to ‘sink your teeth’ into books six and seven. Thank you so much again.

    Kathi S. Barton~ Author

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