Flash Fiction- The Night Order

Well I thought the challenge was hate this week, but then I was informed it was blue wig.  So I inserted a blue wig into the flash fiction somewhere.  Hope you like.  It could easily be another story.

The Night Order

By Elissa Daye

Hate, it’s a small word, four letters; yet its meaning is colossal.  If I said I disliked the man that created me you would never fully understand the feelings that swarm deep inside of me, never even get close to touching the rage that ignites my soul.  If I told you I hated, detested, vehemently abhorred him then you have just reached the bottom of the ice berg.

Yet when you find hate, you find that sometimes its beginning is often tainted with love.  Love him, I did, with every single fiber of my being.  I wrapped my entire world around him, so tightly I thought one day he would explode, but he knew my intentions.  He had counted on it, as he bided his time before he turned me inside out.

I looked in the mirror; the light of darkness more often a void that would never be filled again streamed down around me.  I could see the room clearly echoed inside the silver frame, every piece of furniture littered with the decay of my rage and every speck of dust that streamed down in the aftermath.  I could see all those things, but I could not see me.  I yanked the blue wig off my head and watched as the remnants` fluttered harmlessly to the floor.

I smashed the mirror with my fists, slicing a few knuckles in the process.  The smell of blood teased my nostrils.  An acrid, metallic longing filled me, but I forced the monster inside me to keep at bay.  I went to the bathroom and found a towel to wrap my cut hand inside and waiting for the bloody trail to contrast the bleach white towel, the stark reality of it all slamming into me yet again.

My life was torn in two between the land of the living and the land of the dead.  I was stuck somewhere on the outside of oblivion, because Demetrius had changed me without consent of the brethren, without so much as a thought for how his creation might impact the world around him.  If he had known my secrets, the ones that had been buried so far deep inside me that even I had trouble remembering them, if he had known those, he would have thought twice before he sunk his deadly fangs into my body.

The demon inside, the restless darkness that I fought was nothing compared to the memories of a life long forgotten.  They were circling my mind like vultures as if to say my damnation was only the beginning.  The magic, old, deep, bitter, dark magic that raced through my veins beckoned me closer, but the angel inside, the woman who had kept a lid on the ancient ways, I captured it inside my.  It swarmed likes bees in a mason jar, with only a thin cotton lid.  I felt the stings of desire slicing through my and I closed my eyes, put my hands to my ears hoping above all else that the magic that had been passed down to my would go silent once again.

The demon, the vampire, the innocent.  I was fighting a battle I could not win.  One way or the other I was damned and it was his fault.  I ran through the apartment, so fast I had not realized my feet had not touched the ground.  I opened the window and attempted to jump to the stairwell, but my aim was off.  I had leapt so far that I missed the metal staircase completely and started to plummet to the black asphalt below.  I closed my eyes, not daring to look as I fell for I knew I would be crushed like a bug on a windshield once I hit.

I waited for the impact, but it never came.  When I opened my eyes I found myself floating inches from the ground, and a shocking gasp of air filled my lungs.  I touched the ground by reaching out a tentative touch from the tip of my left shoe.  When I touched the asphalt, the rest of my body followed.  I did not have time to reflect on my new abilities, for it was time to find the beacon that called to my from the depths within. I was being summoned somewhere.  I heard the annoying buzz in my ears, felt the magnetic pull that pulled on my like a mystical tether.  I started off slow, but soon my feet were racing underneath my.  I saw a strange glow light the night sky, one lone shaft of light that projected its signal to the world.  I seemed to be the only one traveling towards it.


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