Book Review: Courting the Darkness by Karen Fuller

I enjoyed Karen Fuller’s book, Courting the Darkness.  Her main character, Desiree, is a witch who casts a spell that backfires on her making her never age and granting her immortality.  She is 125 years old at the start of the story.  I really enjoyed this premise, and I also appreciated the great details that Ms. Fuller uses in her circle and spell casting.  It really gives us another view into the world of magic.

Desiree is in hiding from the world, as there are still witch trials and witch hunters.  While hiding out, her land lady gives up her identity to Drake, the King of the local vampires.  He wants her to use her magic to cast a spell that enables him to go into the direct sunlight without being harmed.  Desiree is unsure that she can do this.

While going to retrieve her items she is kidnapped by a witch hunter.  Drake sends Mica, a rogue vampire, to rescue her from her kidnapper.  Add in Caleb, a man capable of shaping into any animal, and you have a love triangle waiting to happen.

This was a fast read to me and I really enjoyed the new concepts that the author presented.  There were a few things that I wanted her to go into more detail on because I was intrigued by the story she was weaving.  I wanted to know more about the world and how these witch trials were still allowed.  I also wanted the story to be longer in certain cases.  For example, Desiree needs to cast this spell, but she does not think she can do it.   We only see one attempt at the spell; although I assume there were other attempts that we just weren’t privy to for she has been in her work space for quite some time.  I always feel that if I want to know more about the story, that the author has done a good job getting my attention.  I would definitely recommend this book and plan to read the author again.

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