Book Review: The Bracelet, by Beth Muscat

This is the second book that I’ve read from Ms. Muscat, the first one being Remember the Eyes.  I love the author’s use of first person for her characters.  I feel this is a point of view that is often neglected or never used.  It was refreshing.  This book was such a fast read that I finished it in a matter of hours, and since I have trouble reading ebook formats sometimes, that is saying a lot.

I love the simple loving nature of her characters.  It’s not overdone or underdone, it’s just right.  This book is about a man searching for his true love and a woman who was settling for what she has, but somewhere in the back of her head she knows she deserves better.   Alaric lives in another dimension and completely separate planet filled with so many wonderous and horrible things.  His world is plagued by many different unique monsters that are and will always continue to attack the people of his world.  He has a bracelet made for him to find the one woman who will be his true love, Aislinn.

Aislinn is a college student caught in a dead end relationship while trying to finish up her college degree.  Her boyfriend, Eddie is a lump on a log when it comes to romance and finds spending time with his friends more rewarding than lifting a finger towards their relationship.  She is desperate for any love or affection and when a mysterious unseen being starts to tuck her in at night, she welcomes the attention.  While most people would be creeped out by this scenario if it were to happen to them, Aislinn begins to welcome this ghost-like interaction each night.

This ghost is actually Alaric traveling past dimensions, time, and space in order bring Aislinn home to his kingdom.  Aislinn starts out as a small, powerless character, but grows under loves tutelage becoming a strong, confident, woman who can take care of herself as well as any monster that comes her way.  A few twists along the way will shock and amaze you, so much so that I really don’t want to give them away.  The simple beauty and wonder in this story was so ultimately refreshing and I am almost holding my breath, hoping that Ms. Muscat writes another paranormal romance novel that is so unique as The Bracelet was.

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