Dare to Dream

Ever since I was a child, I have set goals for myself.  Small goals at first, like Student of the Month, Top Teen.  When I entered High School it was to attend Illinois Summer School for the Arts at Illinois State University.  I’m not even sure if they have this program anymore, but it was two weeks of freedom and discovery.  I was exposed to every form of art and encouraged in my writing by people my own age, as well as my creative writing instructor who was a published author.  A lot of healing was done that summer, as I learned to get my emotions onto paper, something I feel has strengthened me as a writer.

From there I made more school goals: National Honor Society, graduate High School with honors.  I then got into the college of my choice.  I successfully graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Education.  I taught different ages, trying to find where I thought I fit, and was never quite content with where my life was taking me.

Although the road was bumpy, and many tears were shed along the way, I managed to find myself back to where I started.  Writing.  I couldn’t be happier.    After years of working on my first novel, I finally finished Terrahtu, The Black Dove.  It seems that finishing that one project allowed me to keep pounding the keys with stories that seemed to fly from my brain so easily.  Four books later, and I am finally seeing a dream that I was almost afraid to believe in.  My third book, In Flames (The Destined Series)  has been accepted for publication at World Castle Publishing(WCP).  I am so thrilled!  I know a few of the authors at WCP, and I am so honored to be among their ranks.  From what I can see, these authors have become a tight knit family, and that is something I am excited to be apart of.

My best friend, Kevenn Smith, told me that now that I have met my goal, which was to become published, that perhaps it is time to move the goal posts back a bit.  It’s hard to think past the edits/revisions that need to be done to In Flames, and while some people might easily respond, well to make money, I am still heading into this with the intent to just be able to write stories that people enjoy reading.  So my goal is to continue to entertain my readers and at least publish the three series that I have started.  So all in all perhaps 9 books.  It’s certainly a challenge, but I know I have it in me.

I am so thankful for all the people who have helped me believe in myself enough to get to this point, and I am so lucky to have a publisher that is willing to give me a chance to show the world what I’m capable of. I hope I never let them down.

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  1. kevenn

    YAY! I’m SO excited to see your books get published!!!! And it’s so awesome that you have your own page already on the publisher’s website!!! The link you provided wasn’t working, but maybe this one will! ❤ Congratulations, my dear! I am SO PROUD OF YOU!!!!


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