Charlotte Blackwell, Author of the Embrace Series

ImageGuest Blog with Charlotte Blackwell

Everyone has a dream in life, some want to be a doctor while others want to be a famous rock star. I never really knew what I wanted to be. I spent over thirty years going through the motions of life. I got married had a baby, got divorced, waitressed, met the man of my dreams, went back to school, had a another baby, finished school, worked as a nurse, got married, had another baby and became a stay at home mother. I asked myself, what’s next? What am I to do now? I have the most important job in the world, raise children. Now what if I fail at that too?  My husband and my three children are the world to me and I want nothing more than for my family to be happy and follow their dreams. How do you teach a child to follow their dreams when you don’t even have any of your own? Well a few short years ago I finally found my dream, to write. I now have something to inspire my children as much as they inspire me.

In November of 2009 my oldest daughter handed me a book and said mom you have to read this. I wasn’t an avid reader but reluctantly took the book. I then read the entire series of 4 books in as many days. I wasn’t able to stop reading and thought to myself I can do this. I always enjoyed writing, but it was more of what I was feeling. Could I write an entire novel? Well I have answered that and it’s YES. Matter of fact I have write several in just over three years and even got a publishing deal. The first four books in my Embrace (YA paranormal romance) Series have already been released. I accomplished so much when this happen. I wrote some books, I got published, I taught my children that anything can happen if you work hard and believe in yourself and most of all I now have a dream.

Immortal Embrace released on July 1, 2011, with Forbidden Embrace, Mystic Embrace and Everlasting Embrace all releasing in less than a year of book 1. Who could ask for more? Well its human nature, we always want more. So my next dream was to become a bestselling author. Oh wait I was lucky enough to hit the Amazon best seller list with Immortal Embrace only 6 months after its release. So now what? Well I have an agent who is now shopping the Embrace series around for film options. Wouldn’t that be amazing? I guess this is where the magic of dreams comes in to play.

I’m a huge believe in the power of positive thinking and the laws of attraction. I could write pages on pages of personal experience to prove this theory.  One example is my husband. He was laid off from his job and was having a hard time finding another, due to cut backs and such. He hadn’t worked in months. I told him to make a list of things he wants, bet to do it as if he already has it. The last item on his list was I have a great job to support my family. Within five minutes of putting the pen down, the phone rang. My husband was offer a job at a higher rate of pay than his previous one. Now I also made a list of my own. One of the things on my list was to be a bestselling author by January of 2012. This came dream came true for on January 14 and 15, 2012 Immortal Embrace made it to #1 on the Amazon Kindle best seller list. It not only made lists in the US but also in the UK, Germany and France.

So now what? Well I just make more dreams and continue to believe in myself and those around me, know that they can always come true. So what I say to all of you is dreams are important, have them, embrace them and believe in them and yourself because anything is possible. If you can’t believe in yourself, who else can? Reach for the stars and don’t stop there, keep reaching further and your life will be full of everything you ever dreamed of.  I used this posted on another blog as well, but kept it and tweaked it a little because I really believe in the message behind it and decided to use it again so that others can may be get the message and learn to believe in themselves a little more. Anything really is possible if you just believe, after all I did and all my dreams are coming true, so why can’t yours? Well I believe they can J ~ Charlotte


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