Welcome Kathi S. Barton!

I am so thrilled to welcome fellow paranormal romance author, Ms. Kathi S. Barton! I’ve read several of her books and am so honored to host her. Her newest book was just released October 1, 2012.  Force of Knight Magic: Force of Nature Series Book 3.  If you like your romance spicy and your werewolves/vampires hot, you are sure to enjoy these books.  Speaking from experience, Ms. Barton knows how to make your blood boil.  Look for her books either at her author page at World Castle Publishing or at Amazon.com





It is preordained that Holly and Phil are to spend their lives together as mates. He’s ready but rogue vampires, his knighthood, her brothers and Holly’s job are standing in their way. Not to mention Holly herself is resisting the inevitable. His charm and love for her notwithstanding.
Can they overcome all and come together?  Can Phil’s special abilities keep her from harm?

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