Author Interview Kathi S. Barton and Excerpt

1. What is your favorite genre to read? Do you even have time to read with all the
time you spend creating entertainment for the rest of us? I don’t really read all that
much anymore. And when I do, it’s usually a short story or something I find on
the internet. I wish I had more time but I’m having so much fun as an author that
I can’t seem to pull myself away from the computer long enough to do it. I’ve
nearly given up tv for writing.

2. Do you have a favorite author? That would be like asking me to pick out a
favorite snowflake. Oh my there are so many out there now that I can’t pick.
When I can read a book I have no favorite gene so to name any would leave out a
great many. I’ll just stick to everyone. How’s that?

3. How long have you been writing romance novels? Just a little under four years.
I know right? I have a very good muse and he keeps me busy thus having so
many books out. I have a different writing skill than most. I write more than one
book at a time and many different genre’s.

4. What inspires your creativity? My muse. Sometimes it’ll be something so simple
as a word. Sometimes it will be from something I see someone doing. It could be
a flower or a tattoo as well. Anything and everything brings a little bit of my story
writing to life. And I’m glad for it too.

5. What has been your biggest challenge as a writer? Not really as a writer but being
a writer. I still have a problem with my fans. Not with them but that I have so
many. There are still times when I am surprised when someone recognizes my
name or simply sees me with one of my books. Yes, I carry them around at times
to give away. lol. But to see people reading them…still takes my breath away.

6. If you could be an extra character in any one of your books, which book would it be
and what would your role be in that book? Not the character but to be able to be
with one of them. Duncan. I just love that guy. He cracks me up with the way
he messes up some of his words but his devotion to Aaron and especially Sara
blows me away. I think I’d like to spend a life time with him.

Excerpt– (rated r selection).

Chapter 1

Phil stood outside the hotel room for several minutes before he could work up the nerve to knock. She was going to be upset; more than that, she was going to be pissed at her brother too. He moved to the door and raised his hand to knock when it was jerked open and there she stood.
Phil Campbell would never be able to see her without his breath catching. She was beautiful, yes, but it was more than that. Her body, her scent, called to him. He needed her, needed her with every bone, every cell, hell, every part of his body. She was his mate, his other half, and they both knew it. And standing there fresh from what he assumed was a shower, with her bath robe on, made him think that her brother had the right idea in just claiming her.
Holly Force was a werewolf. Her family, especially her sister-in-law CJ, had been his friends long before he’d met the entire family. Phil had known about Holly, but had never thought to approach her as his mate because she was a wolf and he a vampire. But a long talk with her brother had made him realize that if he didn’t claim her he’d never be happy.
“What the hell are you doing here?” Before he could answer her, there was a small ding behind him, signaling the elevator coming to a stop on this floor. Turning to see who got off, he nearly lost his balance when he was suddenly jerked inside the room and the door was closed behind them.

End Excerpt- Due to content regulations, I had to cut you off before it got too spicy. If you would like the complete excerpt, please feel free to leave a comment if you would like the entire excerpt emailed to you. It was hot, that’s all I’m saying!!

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