Book Review for 6 Pack of Blood by Betty Dravis and Barbara Watkins

Happy Halloween readers! This week starts my thankful campaign. I am so thankful for the wonderful talented authors in my life that I am giving back by reading their work and leaving a review for them. I have such a backlog of books to read, but I am sure hoping to get through as many as possible before the end of the year.

First up, a wonderful bloody compilation by two southern writers Betty Dravis and Barbara Watkins. I’ve had the great pleasure in sharing air time with both beautiful ladies on Blogtalk radio with Bennet Pomerantz.  Here is the link to his latest broadcast.  I’ve really enjoyed the easy-going atmosphere and the varied topics that make our time on the radio fun.

So here is the fabulous book:

Six-Pack of Blood

And you can get it free for the next two days at:

Right away I can tell you that I read this in its entirety in under 2 hours! So if you are short on time, like I seem to be these days, you will have no problem getting through this at all. While its title might be daunting to the horror or blood weary, I’m happy to report there is just the right amount of horror and blood involved, so even a light weight, as I consider myself at times, even that person will enjoy these stories.

Ms. Dravis has compiled the following stories in the book: The Collector, Heavy Metal, and V.O.

I want to talk about Heavy Metal first, because quite honestly I got a good chuckle out of this story. If you have ever been warned by your parents to not do something, let’s say stare at the TV too close because you might go blind, then you will probably find this story quite charming. I did not give the scenario involved, because I want YOU to read it.

I enjoyed the first story, and yes I know I am reviewing them out-of-order, but at least I have explained that to you so you will not be lost at all.  The Collector was one of those stories that while you are reading about a pretty much deplorable character, you find that they have quite a few redeeming qualities or anecdotes that made you understand the unwritten wish that life could have been different for him. I love when an author has been able to do this, because I think it is so difficult to do, but so very important. You see, writers get attached to their characters, no matter what side of the coin they attune themselves to and fleshing out the human side is a challenge at times. I enjoyed the imagery that Ms. Dravis provided in this story with the snow globe collection and why it was sentimental to such a hard man. I was definitely captivated with the story telling in this short.

V.O. was a lot of fun to read. If you had the opportunity to use the fountain of youth regardless of its consequences would you? And if you did not know what the sacrifice was to get your newly found youth, would you still continue down that path once you did? This was so entertaining. I was not quite sure if what I thought was happening did happen when I was reading it, and when my suspicions were confirmed I patted myself on the back. But the way it was left, that is what I loved the best. You’ll just have to read it to find out for yourself!

The last three short stories in this compilation were from the lovely Barbara Watkins: Passageway to Hell, Spirits of a Jester, and Deadly Addictions.

I have to say the first one was definitely my favorite of the three. Passageway to Hell captivated me the moment I started. Who doesn’t want to root for the child who was neglected, abandoned, and abused? When this child finds its way into a strange town where she is trapped within evil, you are definitely along for the ride. I wish this story was longer!! I want to know what happened to the girl who is telling the story and if her son ever met her. I want to know more about the evil Mr. Hellion who is keeping her there against her will. This story is makes your blood a little colder and your heart beat a little faster. Definitely a good read!

Spirits of  a Jester-If someone told you that your good will and fortune were solely based on one item, would you listen and keep that item, or push aside the warnings and remove it from your life? If it were me, I would listen and keep the item even if I had to just pack it away in some dusty old corner. People never do listen though do they?

As for Deadly Addictions, it’s one of those feel good endings for those of us women who are heftier than others. When someone comes up and asks the main character when she is due, only to find out that the woman is not pregnant I had my first B*%tch please moments, that would have made innocent ears burn. 🙂  So I was pleased with the outcome and I think anyone who can relate will too.

I thought this whole compilation was a fun read and made my low-key Sunday afternoon even more enjoyable. Thanks for the wonderful read ladies! I will definitely be back for more!  Again this book is free on amazon for the next two days. You will not be sorry!

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