Book Review of The Kiss Book 2 in the Children of Nox, by Joann Buchanan

The Kiss (The Children of Nox)

For me lately, finding the time to enjoy a good book has been fleeting, but then again so has the writing. I decided since I could not get much done in my third book in the Destined Series, that rather than spend my time reading pointless feeds on facebook and random internet hopping, that my time could be better spent helping out my fellow authors. First on my list, a good friend, Ms. Joann H. Buchanan.

I’ve read Joann’s Soulless Light, a vengeful novella filled with boiling rage and hatred. While this was not my preferred genre in the beginning, Joann opened me up to a new genre dripping with blood and guts. I was actively engaged in her work. Then I read her first book in the Children of Nox series, I Am Wolf. Another glimpse into a horror filled world and I was hooked and could not wait for more. I waited, as patiently as one can when they want to know what will happen next and I can say I was not disappointed at all.

The second book, The Kiss, was something completely unexpected for me. In this book, Ms. Buchanan spent a lot of time and effort filling in the spaces for us, giving our youngling pack a chance to heal from the great darkness that almost left them broken in the first book. In The Kiss, we see where they are after the unnatural has been vanquished and we are lead on a new journey that starts with the healing process and works its way up to a climax that will leave you wanting to know what is going to happen next.

We learn about Nox and Ash, two lovers destined to be at opposite ends of the world. We experience their great love and great hate for each other, as well as how they feel about the world around them. For a god and a demon, these points of view are not something we are normally privy to. Joann introduces us to the Shakya clan, whose people shift into lions and lionesses, a perfect addition to her world. Now we have the wolves of the Tibolt clan and the lions of the Shakya clan who have been at different ends of the world for many years. I love that we are introduced to new mythology, new cultures, and new experiences in this book.

Besides the manipulation of Ash to get free from his ethereal prison, you have a love triangle that is hard to describe. When Alaynee’s mom takes in Cleo from a dangerous situation, she never expected to change the destiny of her family forever. There is something special about this girl, that no one in Sisters knows about. Cleo is a chosen one from the Shakya clan who is running from her past. Being a chosen one has given her rare powers that allow her to come between the true love of Alaynee and Jonah.

I really do not want to give away the rest of the book, because I do think it is worth the read and you all should check it out. If you have read I Am Wolf, and loved it, you will love The Kiss too, but for different reasons. The first book was filled with horrendous atrocities that will leave your mind numb at the end. The Kiss  is like a healing balm to soothe away the past hurts, but do not be fooled. When you get to the end you will know that it is only just beginning.
Elissa Daye

Author of In Flames: Book 1 Destined Series

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