Ode to Joy

Five Things that Make Me Happy! inspired by Kyra Lennon, who asked that bloggers share 5 things that make them happy, to give joy back to our readers. Visit her blog to see what all the other posters are saying.

Moment #1: Finding a moment when a particular song makes me so happy that tears spring unexpectedly to my eyes, and yes this has been known to happen. I remember one of the first times that happened, when my best friend bought me Jewel’s Christmas Compilation several years ago. I was missing my recently estranged mom and our Christmas traditions of singing along to the Judd’s Christmas album. Since we were estranged I could no longer listen to those songs and he decided it was time to buy me a new album to listen to. When Joy to the World came on, my car was almost flooded with tears. It is by far the most  Joyful version that I have ever heard.

Moment #2 & 3- Holding my daughters for the first time. Yes, it’s cheesy. I know, but after carrying a child under your heart for 9 months, there is nothing like holding them in your arms and seeing the special glow they have brought to your life.

Moment #4-Listening to my oldest tell me about her day. You seriously are never disappointed with any conversation you have with a toddler. Whether it be her retelling of Sleeping “Cutie” where the Prince is her “Daddy” and the dragon goes boom at the end, or her absolute desire to tell you every five minutes that she “needs” ice cream, you are always left wondering what your life was like before she learned to talk. And not to mention that every car ride is filled with non-stop chatter that you know you need to attend to now, because who knows when she will decide she no longer wants to talk to you. Yes, I am actually dreading teenage years and will stave them off as long as humanly possibly. Thank goodness we have at least 10 years before that happens.

Moment #5-The moment I quit teaching. Yes, I said it. You would think it would be the opposite, that my joy would have been the moment I taught in my very own classroom. Well, at some point I think I did feel joy for teaching, but over the years the flame I carried inside me to be a beacon to those ships lost on the open sea( as I saw those children who were left behind), over time working in school districts that did not support their teachers made it impossible for me to continue . When I quit, a lot of pressure, unhealthy stress, and a dark despair lifted from my shoulders. I was finally free to find a different purpose, to do something for me and not the rest of the world. I started the journey I had always meant to take: becoming a published writer. Now my world is filled with new characters, who I can mold and shape however I choose, even if you have to beat the living stuffing out of them from time to time, fictionally of course.  And the great thing is while I may no longer teach in a school setting, the actual joy I had for teaching is alive and well with every lesson I teach my children, who I must say are little sponges. I couldn’t be more blessed.I hope you have enjoyed a little peek into what makes my joyful world tick and will decide to share some joyful memories in your comments, so we can celebrate together!


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14 responses to “Ode to Joy

  1. Those are some great joy-bringers.

    About #5, sometimes we start out doing something we love to help others, but it ends up becoming too much and we have to stop. That feeling of joy at the end says you made the right choice. I’ve been through the same a few times, so I know what you mean. 🙂

  2. I’m really touched by this! So emotional and deep. I’m really interested in the story how you quit teaching and got published.

    I was wondering if you’d like to share it on my blog.
    I’m Douglas by the way and since I don’t know how to message people on triberr I’d like to give you a big welcome to Writers for Life right here.
    You can call me Duggy.

    And you can contact me on twitter @douglaswriter or email me at duggyparks@gmail.com
    Thanks and beautiful post!

  3. Great list! Talking to toddlers is such a lovely thing because you never quite know what will come out of their mouths lol!

    Thanks for taking part in the bloghop!

  4. #5 – I get you! Teaching is great, children have moments but I hated the system. I should have writen that on my list, too!

    • Yes! The system is broken. It does very little to support the teachers that pour their heart and soul into their children. You take those kids home with you every night as you worry about your day and how you could help them become better. You take home their good times and bad times, your heart breaks for them when their tender lives are affected by the troubles in their lives. People do not realize how difficult it is to take on the life of a teacher.

  5. It must have taken a lot of courage to leave teaching and actively pursue your dream to be published. Good for you!

    • It was one of the hardest things I have ever done. I don’t like to give up on things and I felt like I was giving up, but the truth of it was that I was giving myself a chance to do something that would make me happy.

  6. Oh yes! Holding your newborn is such a life highlight!!! Totally electrifying.

  7. Thanks for taking part in the bloghop; great list.

  8. I love #1. Tonight I listened to several songs from the past that made me teary-eyed.

    I love teaching, but I agree that it takes a lot out of someone in this day and age.

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