Book Review-Diary of a One Night Stand by Alexandrea Weis #give@way

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I really enjoyed reading Diary of a One Night Stand by the wonderful Alexandrea Weis, although I have to say it was not entirely what I thought it would be. I thought the premise of the book would be a woman who was fed up with her life and decided to have a slew of one night stands, because let’s face it, when we think of a one night stand, that is pretty much status quo. Ms. Weis went far beyond that simple premise and wove a story that brought you into Kara Barton’s world: thriving attorney, loving mother, and stifled wife.

Kara has been pidgeon-holed into a relationship that while it worked several years ago, it no longer gave her happiness. She chose a man who was nothing like the string of men that her mother paraded around during her childhood. Kara would never choose a man who was a perpetual womanizer, or she thought. When her life no longer made sense, she succumbed to the hidden passions inside her, clinging to a night of desire with Scott Ellsworth, a rich bachelor with quite the reputation with the ladies.

Kara tells him from the beginning that it is just one night, but Scott is pretty adamant that she continue an affair with him. Kara is so desperate to be desired and loved, that she falls into a relationship with him that is anything but dull. The relationship blossoms, which reinforces Kara’s understanding off all the roads that have taken her to this point. I really do not want to ruin the read for you, for it is certainly worth the time. This is not a cookie cutter book. While it does take you where you expect it to go, the ending is anything but ordinary. Well-written, relatable, and fun!

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