Book Review: Rougarou by Judith Ann McDowell

I really enjoyed this book for many reasons. The interaction between the characters was extremely realistic, especially the down to earth dialogue between characters, which often read the way I thought a real person would speak. I love the fact that the antagonist is a werewolf and while you do get a description of him from time to time, you also are allowed to imagine him the way you want to. This is no fluffy werewolf either, it’s the rip your throat out, chew your bones and guts kind, you know the kind that used to keep us awake at night.

The good guys, Jack and Donavan are both extremely likable. You get a good taste of their background stories and that really helps you relate to them. I also like how Jonathan Hindle, the bad guy/werewolf, has enough of a background that fleshes him out enough to feel sorry for him. Sure, he is a werewolf that preys on those that cannot defend themselves, but once upon a time he wanted to be a better person and that totally shows a redeeming part of him, which is very important for villains in any story.

This is an action packed story from start to finish. If you like a good thriller, you will not be disappointed by Rougarou at all. Magic, mystery, ghosts, werewolves, and bloody mayhem!


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2 responses to “Book Review: Rougarou by Judith Ann McDowell

  1. Interesting! My Civil War novel involves a rougarou, though mine is of the strictly human (and therefore more dangerous?) variety. But I’m seeing an uptick in interest in the old legends lately, and this book is part of a trend! I’ll have to check it out — thanks for sharing.

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