Huge Complement

I have received the biggest complement that any author could ever receive. One of my readers told me that The Land of the Shadow has made such an impact on her that she is actually dreaming about it. Her dream lands are filled with the imagery I created in my new adult urban romantic fantasy. I am so humbled by her words. How can you possibly top that? I know some of you are like sell mega millions of my books, and true, yes that would be fantastic, but for now this is the best thing that I could ever hope for. I leave the rest up to the universe. I’ve improved my craft with each book and I’m proud of the distance I’ve traveled already in this lifetime.

I’m just excited. I have an awesome book trailer, supportive fans, and I even have an acronym for my book (LOTS) which I thought was pretty awesome. Life is good. Can’t wait to see where else this road leads.


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