The Land of the Shadows Release Party

The Land of the Shadows is set on a college campus, much like any other.  My heroine, Lyssa, fights against the shadow people that have created havoc in her world. It’s an action packed story filled magic, mystery, and  a love story that will have you have you laughing and crying through the pages. Now that it is out, I am anxious to share it with everyone.

So, here is the fun part. I am doing two giveaways this month. The first one is March 22 at my Facebook party. For more details, go to my author fan page at: Author Elissa Daye or at the EVENT page.  The day of the party I will put up three caption this pictures. You have all day to respond to these photos and at the end of the day I will pick the caption that most people liked or a random number to decide my winners. I will also be posting images of places that inspired the book. Here are the photos of the three giveaways:



Giveaways 001Giveaways 002Giveaways 003





986593_10201575862825984_1123088241_nThe Land of the Shadows:

When Lyssa was at her lowest, she found herself surrounded by dark entities formed entirely from shadows. Their darkness had eaten at her very core until she had almost nothing left to give. Tired of their corruption, the young witch decides to fight back by trying to locate their power source unaware that her attempts would lead her down a path that would change her life forever.


Twitter: @daenira



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