BTSeMag Throw Back Thursdays- Alpha Heroes

Last week, I saw BTSeMag’s throw back from July 2013 dealing with Alpha Heroes. Several authors discussed how they felt about alpha heroes and what made an alpha hero spectacular. You can read the actual article here.

It made me think about what I thought about them as well. I love strong, capable, men who are built like a Greek Adonis statue. I love them fiercely protective, yet sweet and tender when a gentle touch is needed. Do I like a strong male lead who can take control over any situation? Yes, I do. I drool over them like any other hot blooded woman. The thing is, I’m not sure I write them this way though.

I’ve created strong male characters in my Destined Series, but not all of them tend to be the hero in the stories. Take Aiden Quinn for example. He is definitely an alpha, but would I define him as a hero? Not in book 1 necessarily, but in book 2 and book 3, yes. In Flames doesn’t show him as an alpha hero, but rather a man who has to come to terms with his feelings. Most of the hero action is actually performed by my heroine, Lysandra. Don’t get me wrong, he is fiercely protective when he needs to be, but he does have a softer edge that you don’t expect when you first open the book.

The same goes for Grant in book 2, In Rapture. For him, he is fighting to uphold the memory of the girl he once knew, but has to come to terms with the disillusionment that he is left with. He wants nothing more than to protect what is his and to end the suffering that the Lair has inflicted. Is he strong? Oh yea. Sexy as all get out too. Malinda can’t help but fall for his charms,but her strength of character and magical powers kind of override the Alpha truisms.

And then I come down to Hunter in The Land of the Shadows.. He is sensitive, caring, and kind. He is absolutely gorgeous and a softy to boot. I’m not sure I would call him an Alpha. Does he go after what he wants? Yes. Has he sacrificed his life for a greater cause, well yes, yes he has. So I guess he is strong.

Maybe I’m getting something wrong in this equation. You see, my stories aren’t so much about the men as they are the women. I write them strong willed, independent, and capable of taking out the trash all by themselves. Lyssa, Lysandra, Malinda, Brieanna, and Grace are all women I have written about in the past three years. I carved out souls inch by inch for these ladies and my heart is filled with pride for the way I have captured their fire. They all fall for someone, as women in romance novels are want to do, but their world would never come crashing down if they didn’t have steely arms to swoon into. It’s another aspect of a great story that keeps a reader wanting more.


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