Touring Tuesday with Author Judith White

This week I wanted to feature a World Castle Author on my Touring Tuesday. This gal Friday is an amazing author. If you like a good heart racing, blood pumping mystery, you will love her work. This week only, A Method to Madness  is available for $0.99 at Amazon. Get your copy now! You won’t be disappointed! Rumor has it, Ms. White has another book coming out soon. Can’t wait to see what it is!

The Case Files of Sam Flanagan:

A Method to Madness

It’s January 1943 and things are slow for Sam Flanagan, Detroit private detective.  He’s about to call it a day and return to the woman he shares a home with; his eighty two year old grandmother, when in walks Chicago socialite Phyllis Killburn. She’s the daughter of the late tire tycoon, Alden Whitaker, and she’s got troubles.  It seems her husband may be stepping out on her with another woman and he’s keeping a big secret as to his involvement with the military.  She wants to know what’s going on and she’s willing to pay big bucks for the information.

Sam travels to the Windy City and looks up his longtime friend, Harry Blevins, journalist for the Chicago Tribune.  With Harry’s assistance, and with the inadvertent ramblings of his grandmother, will Sam be able to put all the pieces together to solve what is happening within the walls of the Whitaker Estate to stop a murder plot? The deeper Sam digs into the case, he uncovers more twists. Does Sam find a method to this madness?


The Case Files of Sam Flanagan:

Sins of the Father


Baker’s Keyboard Lounge, Detroit’s hotspot for jazz—it’s there that Sam runs into his childhood friend, Johnny Delbeck, and Johnny’s got a problem.  A little over three months ago, Johnny and his wife, Grace, took in her niece.  Myrna Lou Stevic had been nothing but trouble for her mother, Grace’s sister, and her step father.  Grace thinks she can turn the girl’s behavior around by getting her into a new school and getting her involved in the church youth group.  One Monday in April, the seventeen year old was sitting on the porch of the Delbeck’s Dearborn home one minute, and in the next, she was gone. Did she just walk away on her own—something she’s done in the past—or did something more sinister occur?  This is what Johnny hires Sam to find out.  Five days before Easter 1943, Sam tries to ensure her presence for the holiday.  But when he starts asking questions, the picture others paint of this girl isn’t pretty, and it’s obvious there are few who really like her.  The Detroit private detective wants to solve Johnny’s problem—and he wants the ending to be a good one.  Can he find the girl and return her to the home in Dearborn, safe and sound?



Author Judith White

About the Author

Judith G. White holds a degree in secondary education with a major in history from Western Michigan University.  She currently works part time at The Henry Ford, America’s Greatest History Attraction, where her life has been enriched by meeting dignitaries, entertainment personalities and leaders in business and industry.  She’s traveled throughout the lower forty eight states and toured Great Britain.  History, reading, playing word and trivia games and, of course, writing, is what she likes to do best.  She makes her home in a southern suburb of Detroit along with her husband, Jim; two children, Brandon and Erin; and two dogs, Sadie and Orie.

Follow her at:


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