Happy New Year!

Last year sure was a great one. Let’s recap:

The Land of the Shadows was released in the Spring, followed by In Chains:Destined Series Book 3 in late Summer. During that time I wrote 4 more books that should be coming out in 2015. The first of which will be a stand alone Urban Fantasy to be released January 2015. Then I wrote 3 books in a new erotic romance series called Press Legacy. Crushed, Little Red, and Renegade are all waiting for edits and I am hopeful they will do well. I already have the 4th one in the back of my head too. I also attending Penned Con 2014 and am planning on returning for Penned Con 2015.

So what do we have to look forward to in 2015? First, The Land of the Shadows up for $0.99 on Amazon January 1-7.  Make sure to pick up your e-copy if you haven’t already.

lots new year

When Lyssa was at her lowest, she found herself surrounded by dark entities formed entirely from shadows. Their darkness had eaten at her very core until she had almost nothing left to give. Tired of their corruption, the young witch decides to fight back by trying to locate their power source unaware that her attempts would lead her down a path that would change her life forever.

What I am really looking forward to is the release of my next novel, Banished, which is already up for pre-order. This book is a dark urban fantasy that pushes the boundaries for me. I am your typical paranormal romance author, but I found that this book was not about romance at all, but retribution and the cleansing of personal demons. I truly find this to be a darker side of Daye.

banished teaser 1


My time here on this world was embittered from the start. As a carrier, I had very little choice in the matter. The demon inside had been planted long before I even had a voice. From the very minute my first breath entered my body, she was coiled inside like a venomous snake. The Brotherhood wanted to control me, to keep their demon Gladius inside a host that they could groom from birth, but as soon as my mother caught on, she ripped me away from their evil clutches and kept me hidden from their reach. Under her tutelage, I had learned how to keep the monster at bay.In the darkest night, my life had spiraled to a meaningless end as my time as a mortal subsided, for I had fallen under a spell woven by the vampire Demetrius. After draining me to the brink, he tossed me aside and left me to die with the first morning light. My propensity for survival he had not calculated.

Now, I was left with a single purpose, destroy the man who had obliterated the calm control I had kept over my life, over the monster that slithered beneath.

—– It has been such an amazing year and I can only dream of what the next one will bring. I wish you all health, happiness, and love in the new year.


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